Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Wee Poem

Someone left behind their game notes, and I slipped this into their binder.

A billiant day and sithine goves
sumbled oér sumps and meather
Sithered into surious hoves
slimbering together

Beware the frumious hitersitch
teeth that clather, jaws that smach
A skit a scather a bumblehitch
many a warrior's match

He took his allful spear to hand
a fortnight sought his umbred foe
Once rested on the seaside sand
and dreamt of vengeance owed

A huffle heard through hinderbrush
a snip of twig a silent twirt
The danderbolt came trumbling crush
to snick the boy's chain shirt

A day and night, a night and day
the allful spear went shick and bloom
The creature died, the singers say
while whispering our doom

Our hero slewt the danderbolt
but bought us only endless night
The doom the creature spuck at death
will soon be brought to light

A billiand day and sithine goves
sumble oér sumps and meather
Sither into surious hoves
And pray...

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