Friday, June 15, 2012

New Name, New Layout

When I first started this blog, its name was an obscure reference to an obscure piece of information from a setting book for Eberron. Under the Giant’s Bridge, there’s a nightclub called Glitterdust, and I thought “Well hell, I’ll make the URL, and under that, I’ll make the title Glitterdust, I’m so clever. Bwah ha ha!” I picked the most evocative theme I could find in less than an hour and started typing my heart out.

That was in 2007. I’d like to think that in five years I’ve matured some. So the name of the blog is now Giantsbridge, much like it should have been from the start. And the layout is simple and clean, with higher contrast which should hopefully make it easier to read. Hooray!


adamjford said...

Your blog doesn't cause my eyes to bleed anymore! Huzzah!

SlurpeeMoney said...

I did it for you, Adam. I did it for you.