Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Tournament

Dungeons & Dragons isn't really built for tournament type play. Once upon a time, people used to play in D&D tourneys, but those were less than tournaments as far as I'm concerned. I mean, sure, pushing through a pre-written adventure as fast and hard and skillfully as possible was a hell of a thing, but to me, that's not competitive D&D. That's just playing D&D and adding up some points when you're done.

Fuck that. When I think competitive Dungeons & Dragons, I think about two teams of players sitting on either side of an arena, destroying one another. I think about Clerics and Fighters and Rogues and Wizards knocking the crap out of each other until one side stops moving. So we're doing that at the store on May 22.

My job at Warp One Comics and Games is basically this: organize tournaments and make sure people play in them; also, sell stuff. I have some other things I need to do every week, but the majority of my time is spent making people play kid's games and like it. So I have some experience with creating new and strange events for people to play in.

In the three years I've been doing this, I've never seen the buzz this tournament is getting. With the popularity of D&DE, and the flagging support of the Friday Night Magic scene, I figured it was time to set something up that could bring in some new players and make for a crazy-awesome night of adventure. I didn't expect this sort of response to it. Most of the people I've talked to about it are excited. They want to play, they want to try their gaming chops against other players, they want to fight and they want to win. I posted this up on the event (consider this your invitation, if you're in Edmonton at the time).

Welcome to the first-ever Warp One Dungeons and Dragons Teams Tournament. Teams of three will face off against one another in a single-elimination tournament, the winners of which will walk away with $20 gift certificates for product at Warp!

You: An avid Dungeons and Dragons player with something to prove.

Your Team: A three-person machine of death and destruction, perfectly tooled to kick the pants off your opponents.

You'll Need: A character sheet (D&D 4th edition, Character creator, level 3, RPGA-legal), pencils, a miniature, a set of dice, any books you think you might need. These resources will not be provided for you, so make sure you bring everything you need to play!

The Arena: You'll be fighting on 15x15 space empty arenas. There will be no terrain, there will be no traps, just you, your allies, your opponents, and the thrill of battle!

The Venue: Warp One comics and games is located on beautiful Whyte Avenue, just off 99th street. There's parking in the back, lots of tables, some junk-food for fuel, and more comics, games and toys than you can shake a 10' pole at!

The Rules: Due to some interesting points regarding character-on-character combat in D&D, a few special rules come into play. You cannot teleport out of the arena. Characters do not die; the match is over when the entirety of one team is at zero hit points or less (no need to roll on the death track, and if you're at -bloodied hit points, you cannot be healed for the encounter, but you will be right as rain for the next battle). There will be no extended rests between matches; if you use your daily power in the first match, you will not be able to use it again for the rest of the tournament. Matches will last 50 minutes. When that time limit is exceeded, each player will have one more turn to put their opponents down. If neither team wins in that final turn, the match goes to the party with the highest total hit points. Because this is the first go 'round the table for us at Warp, we'll be adding or subtracting tournament rules as we need to, and putting together a Tournament Rules Document for the next tournament.

There are only a few people actually signed up and guaranteed coming, but the response on the word-of-mouth side has been a lot more fervent. I'll keep you posted on how it all goes down. ^_^

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The Lord of Excess said...

Wow ... dude ... we've been talking about something like this for years. But I've never heard of anyone pulling it off. I'm very interested in hearing more about how this goes. Awesome concept!