Saturday, January 29, 2011

Peculiar Curios: Eye of the Storm

As I’m sure you may have guessed, a lot of my creation is driven by the fact that I have certain things happen at my table that make my life slightly more difficult. This would be one of those things. See, I have a couple of arcane classes in my party, and they can be a real bitch to try and deal with sometimes, especially since they’re designed to compliment one another very well. Skull is a lightning-based striker, Frizzle is an area-control wizard, and together they can put the hurt on large groups of bad guys very quickly, from a distance, where I can’t hit them with my paltry villain-powers.
I could change that up, of course, and the Time Mage that I featured in the Bestiary of Badassery on Monday was as pretty solid incarnation of that. Creatures that are very mobile fuck with arcane casters in a big way. It’s hard to run away from a thing that has 12 squares of movement and ranged attacks. The sorceress is definitely the more difficult to challenge; she has built her character on punishing people for hitting her those few times they get the beatings in, and then running the fuck away to the other side of the map (then shooting things with unending bolts of lightning).
So Exalted Iron Skull, Storm Sorceress of the Spine, this one is for you.
Eye of the Storm
Level 18

This banner flies slowly and steadily against the wind, and an eerie calm follows it across the battlefield.
Level 18
85,000 gp
Property (Aura 5) Creatures within the aura take half damage from lightning and thunder attacks that originate from squares outside the aura.
Power (Encounter): Free Action. If you are within an area of effect, that effect ends.
Power (Encounter): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You are hit with an attack power with the lightning or thunder keywords. Effect: The creature that made the attack becomes the target for that attack.

Also, if anyone has a really solid template for writing up magic items (because obviously hand-making them sucks… Too much to ask for an “Item Builder?”) I’d love to get my sweaty little mitts on it.

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