Sunday, July 11, 2010

Some New Links

There are some new links over on that thingy on the right.

Kok'ed Dice is the blog of the ridiculously talented JP Kok. He's the Game Master of one of the games I play in, a thing he calls "Paper Legends." He hand-crafted paper miniatures with his own super-deformed drawings for all of the player characters and the creatures we've fought. He also hand-built 3d terrain using nothing but some paint and some insulating foam. This guy's like the McGuyver of D&D. He's also an awesome guy to hang out with and has some solid insights into Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. 

The Bonus Ghost Hauntarchy is the blog of another friend of mine, Mr. Zak Selman-Palmer. Zak is a guy who has been playing a long time, knows a lot about a lot, and happens to live in a Soviet satellite state right now. His blog is entertaining and informative, and while we don't always see eye-t0-eye on how things should be done in role-playing games (see: Social Combat), I respect his opinion deeply, and feel that all of my readers should as well. 

Sarah Darkmagic barely needs an introduction at this point; her blog is one of the more prominent in the 4th Edition sphere. About the only thing I can say that doesn't do her blog a disservice is "I like the way she puts words together, go read her blog." 

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